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Place of Assignment : NBFTC
Plantilla Item No. : BFARB-SRAQ-54-1999
Salary/Job/Pay Grade : 18
Monthly Salary : Php 45,203.00
Eligibility : RA 1080 (Fisheries Technologist)
Education : Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (BSF) or Bachelor of
Science in Fisheries Education (BSFE) or other Fisheries
Allied Courses*
Training : 24 hours of training preferably but not limited to any of the
following: Project Development and Management;
Leadership and Management; Aquaculture; Capture
fisheries; Post-harvest fisheries; Fisheries Laws, Policies,
and Orders; Fisheries Regulation, Law Enforcement and
Operations;Fisheries Entrepreneurship; Fisheries
Management; Fish and Aquatic Species Taxonomy and
Identification; Coastal resource management and inland
resource management; Aquatic animal and plant health
management; Marine fisheries management; Aquatic
Ecology; Aquatic Resources; Fisheries Observer training;
Philippine Fishing Ground Scuba Diving; Fisheries Product
Analysis ; Fish Genetics and Breeding; Mariculture; Fish
Health Management; Freshwater; Aquaculture; Hatchery
Management; Brackishwater Aquaculture; Aquaculture
Engineering; Fish Stock Assessment; Marine Machineries;
Fishing Systems; Fish Processing Plant Management;
Minor Fishery Products and By-Product Processing; Food
Engineering; Product Development and Value Addition;
Post-Harvest Handling and Low Temperature Preservation;
Utilization of Seaweeds and Algae
Work Experience : 3 years experience in the formulation and implementation
of fisheries plans, programs/projects or other related work

How to apply? Application process and procedure:

1.Please visit the official site of CSC job portal to check out the government agency’s vacancy and verify the application process and procedure:

2.Find the government agency’s name and open the document file that contains the contact information where to submit the resume.

3.For your reference, below is the head office address of the government agency and their official website:

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